10 Yorkie Poo (Yorkipoo) Dogs 101 Facts Yorkie Poodle Mix Information #yorkiepoo #dog

10 Yorkie Poo (Yorkipoo) Dogs 101 Facts Yorkie Poodle Mix Information  #yorkiepoo #dog

A fun-loving “designer dog”, a Yorkipoo is a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Always ready to entertain, the Yorkipoo is truly a canine clown. Also known as a Yorkie Doodle, 1 … 2…3… Yorkie Doodle went to town a-riding on a …. Yup, that’s in your head now.

Yorkie PooHe is intelligent, affectionate, and gentle and is perfectly suited to apartment life. He has plenty of energy to be burned off and he loves to play when he’s not parked on your lap watching YouTube. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts, join us for ten fantastic facts about the cuddly canine, the Yorkipoo. Let’s get started, but before we start, take a moment to like and subscribe for more fun fauna facts.

10. Only existing for about a decade, the Yorkiepoo is part of a growing trend of designer dogs. He was initially developed as a toy-sized companion dog with a hypoallergenic coat and free of common health problems of the parent breeds. Like all designer breeds, Yorkiepoos can inherit the traits of either breed, and most Yorkiepoo litters are the result of first generation Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle parents. Some breeders have focused on creating a dog with more consistent traits by breeding Yorkiepoos together.

9. The Yorkie Poo can have a long, straight, silky coat like the Yorkshire Terrier, a fine frizzy, wooly coat like the Poodle, or anything in between. Yorkie Poos come in a wide variety of colors, such as brown, silver, gray, and white. Many are two-toned in a pattern similar to the Yorkshire Terrier, with a cream or chestnut body, legs, and mask, and gray or silver on the collar, top of the head, and ears.

Yorkie Poo8. The Yorkie Poo does not require a lot of exercise. Most of its exercise requirements can be met through indoor activity, but Yorki Poos love going on walks with their owner and regular play time outdoors, and have enough stamina to come alongside for a longer jog. The Yorki Poo is well suited to apartment life. His ability to run fast and jump high can be surprising to those not expecting a canine Superman.

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7. A lot of Yorkie Poos are just three to fifteen pounds in weight. They have a body size of a toy dog but they cannot be considered as a toy breed, as they are twelve inches tall.

6. He is a non- to low-shedder and can make an excellent companion for people with allergies. Get into the habit of brushing your Yorkie Poo on a weekly basis. They will also need to be bathed and shampooed when necessary. Their hair should be trimmed on a regular basis, especially around the eyes and ears.

Yorkie Poo5. Barking is a favorite pastime. Occasionally a Yorkipoo can be trained to bark less, but expect to hear the noise whenever someone comes to the door. He has no clue that his bark doesn’t terrify anyone. However, Yorkipoos greet strangers as if they were long lost friends. Generally, they will allow other people to pet them and lavish them with attention but; he might draw the line at picking him up.

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4. Most of these dogs love to travel. Some dogs would rather sit and home and wait for their owners return. But not the Yorkie Poo, these dogs want to be part of the action so you can bring them along when you travel. In fact, they get very lonely when left at home so you have to keep that in mind if you are a busy person.

Yorkie Poo3. The Yorkipoo is a gentle and loving dog who can do well with children. He’s not recommended for homes with very young children, since he can be easily injured when improperly handled. A Yorkipoo can make an excellent companion for an older, more considerate child. In general, he does well with other dogs and pets. He may display prey drive due to his Yorkie parent, however. That may lead him to chase smaller pets (not that there are a lot of pets much smaller than he is) and cats, but usually it’s in good fun.

2. An easily trainable dog, the Yorkipoo is eager to please his owners. Yorkie-Poos can quickly learn basic commands but can also learn typical parlor tricks such as crawl, play dead and dance. His enthusiasm and desire to entertain will keep your family and friends entertained and laughing!

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This crossbreed has the potential to become great obedience prospects as well as agility and therapy dogs. There is no doubt that the Yorkie-Poo can be highly competitive in a variety of dog sports.

Yorkie Poo Puppy1. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize Yorkie Poos as a breed, largely because their physical and temperamental characteristics are less predictable than those of a true breed. To become a breed in their own right, at least 300 must exist in the United States, disbursed throughout at least 20 states. They must also have their own National Breed Club and have predictable traits inherited through at least three generations of breeding between Yorkie Poos. As of July 2011, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry.

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Well, there ya have it; ten fascinating facts about the charming canine companion, the Yorkipoo. Tell me that isn’t fun to say repeatedly. We love hearing about your pets, so let us know about your Yorkipoo in the comments below. Before ya go, take a moment to like and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts. We publish at least twice a week, so don’t miss a single facts. And as always, catch ya next time. 1, 2,3 …. Yorkie Doodle went to town, a-riding on a pony….



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