Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic

Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic

Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #AntarcticYou can’t confuse the handsome Adelie Penguin with any other species with its blue-black back and completely white chest and belly. With its all black head with a white ring around its eye, this mid-sized penguin is a distinctive tuxedo-wearing seabird. Good day, welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we discover the James Bond of the Antarctic, the Adelie Penguin. If you like your facts shaken, not stirred, hit that subscribe button. Let’s get started.

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10. Adelie penguins live in Antarctica and the islands surrounding the continent such as Shetland, South Orkney, and the South Sandwich Islands. Their largest colonies are located at Cape Adare, Adelie Land, Cape Royds, Cape Crozier and Hope Bay. Their habitat is mostly open areas, icebergs, and rocky shores. The land where they inhabit is usually ice and snow or mud.

Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic9. These penguins are migratory, and they are absent from their colonies during the months of April to September when they make long journeys of thousands of miles. They are one of only two species restricted to Antarctica (the other species is the emperor) and stay within the limits of the Antartic ice pack. Adelie penguins are the smallest of the Antarctic penguins.

8. Adelie penguins are one of three species of “brush-tail” penguins along with the chinstrap and gentoo penguins. Members of this genus have short, wedge-shaped tails, with 14-18 stiff tail feathers. They are known to rock back on their heel and prop themselves up on land utilizing their tail feathers.

7. The Adelie Penguin was named in 1840 by French explorer Jules Dumont d’Urville, a botanist and cartographer, who named the Penguin for his wife, Adelie. During his travels, he left his mark, giving his name to several seaweeds, plants and shrubs, and places such as D’Urville Island.

Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic6. Like all species of Penguin, the Adelie Penguin is a highly sociable animal, gathering in large groups known as colonies, which often number thousands of Penguin individuals. Although Adelie Penguins are not known to be terribly territorial, it is not uncommon for adults to become aggressive over nesting sites, and have even been known to cheekily steal rocks from their neighbors’ nests to use for their own nest construction.

5. Adult Adelie Penguins have no land-based predators due to the uncompromising conditions that they inhabit. In the water, however, the biggest threat to the Adelie Penguin is the Leopard Seal, which is one of the southern-most species of Seal and a dominant predator in the Southern Ocean. These Penguins have learned to avoid these predators by swimming in large groups and not walking on thin ice.

Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic
Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic

4. The Adelie Penguin is a highly efficient hunter and is able to eat up to 2kg of food per day, with a breeding colony thought to consume around 9,000 tons of food over 24 hours. Adelie Penguins do not have teeth as such but instead have tooth-shaped barbs on their tongue and on the roof of their mouths. These barbs do not exist for chewing but instead assist the Penguin in swallowing slippery prey.

3. Male Adelie penguins help their mates rear the young and, without close inspection, the two sexes are nearly indistinguishable. They take turns sitting on a pair of eggs to keep them warm and safe from predators. When food is short, only one of the two chicks may survive. After about three weeks, parents are able to leave the chicks alone, though the offspring gather in groups for safety. Young penguins begin to swim on their own in about nine weeks. The Adelie penguin will often return to the colony where it was born in order to breed

Interesting Adélie Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antarctic2. Like other penguin species, Adelies are excellent swimmers. They’re powerful and graceful in the water, with torpedo-shaped bodies that pierce through the water. Their modified wings help propel them through water instead of air. These birds are swimmers, not fliers. Generally, Adelie penguins complete shallow dives, but they have been known to dive to depths of up to 175 meters to forage.

1. Although simple, the plumage of the Adelie penguin provides good camouflage when foraging in the ocean, as the black back will blend into the depths when viewed from above, while the white front keeps the Adelie penguin from standing out against the bright sea surface, when predators approach from below.

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