10 Signs That You’re a Crazy Dog Parent

10 Signs That You’re a Crazy Parent

Well, you did click on this article, so right off we can say almost without a doubt that the answer to the question is yes. But if you’re still unsure, here’s a test to tell whether you’re a crazy dog parent. If any 5 of these describe yourself, then the answer is definitely yes. But that’s ok because your dog is awesome and deserves all the love and affection and spoiling that you give him. And we love you because that means you’re going to stick around to watch more videos. No judgment here.

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You spend more money on your dog than you10. You spend more money on your dog’s food and treats than on your own. You’re looking at your dog’s food and thinking wow, he gets steak and meanwhile you’re eating a bowl of microwaved macaroni or questionable leftovers from 3 days ago.

Of course, your dog also gets more birthday presents than you. And, you spend copious amounts of money on toys that will be destroyed in minutes or left unused, but you don’t care because your baby needs things.

9. You talk to your dog as if he were your child and you call yourself his mommy or daddy. You have long meaningful conversations with your dog and you know that he totally understands every word you say to him. Of course, you know that everything you’ve revealed to him will be kept in the strictest confidence.

8. There are more photos of your dog on your Facebook profile than of yourself. Your dog may even have his own Facebook profile and probably has more friends than you. Both of these are fine, but you should really question everything if your dog has a dating profile and goes on more dates than you.And yes, I totally just bought dates4dogs.com and yes it will soon be a doggy dating site, so bookmark it.

You feel like you are cheating on your dog when you pet another dog7. You feel like you’re cheating on your dog when you pet another pooch. You desperately explain to the dog that you’re going to get into trouble when you get home and are overly apologetic when your dog discovers your wrong-doing.

But it’s also critically important that you say hello to any dog you meet. And other just know that you’re a crazy dog person and are attracted to you. You have a problem and you know it.

6. You apologize to your dog when you have to leave for work. But, you both know that the only reason you’re headed to work is to make money to lavish your furbaby with food and toys, so he understands.

Your dogs take up more space in your bed than you5. Your dog gets most of your bed and you squeeze in on the side. Yes, that California King was a great idea, there is absolutely no way that your dog could be adequately comfortable on anything less and still leave room for you to hang on.

4. You think that robots that play with your dog while you are gone are the best advances in state of the art tech of the 21st century. Oh, these are cool. Yes, Amazon I’ll take three of these and two of these. He needs someone to be with him while you’re out making money for more food and toys. It’s only fair since you cheated on him yesterday with that cute little Spaniel next door.

3. You prefer spending Friday night cuddled up with your dog over any other activity and you may even forgo other plans because your dog “needs you”. But, all that money you saved by staying in will definitely be put to better use…. Yes, treats and toys. if you do get bored, you can take a Friday night trip to PetSmart.

2. You haven’t been on a vacation for years because no one else could possibly take care of your dog the way that you do and you can’t possibly imagine being without your dog for so long. If you do go, he goes and when you get that pet-friendly hotel, you really don’t want to leave him there either.

1. You spend more time doing your dog’s manicure than your own. It’s probably not his favorite activity, but it has to be done, less you be shredded during cuddle time. But, by the time you get done with it, you’re tired and just want to cuddle. Your nails can wait until tomorrow.

Hey, no judgment here. None at all.

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