Official Rap Music Video (YEAH, OKAY) – Animal Facts

We’re droppin’ the track filled with Animal Facts.
We fill up your mind where others subtract.
If you’re down with the cat and maybe the dog ,
Sit, stay, drop it and let the beat drop…

“A cat has nine lives.
For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays.”
An old English proverb states.
But did you ever contemplate why he can fall and walk away. Awesome feats upon display, kitty he was born that way.

Did you know that your dog gets his sense of smell
from 220 million receptor cells?
Did you know that your dog is not color blind, thanks to blue and green cones he can see just fine.
When it comes to his hearing, he hears better than you.
He can hear your whack rhyme from a quarter mile oh pew….

He doesn’t really like it, but he ain’t talkin’

Because you really gotta know why a duck has web toes
and why a Proboscis monkey has a big funky nose
A tiny little mouse or a hungry hippo might be the topic of our next video.
The more that you see the more that you know.
You gotta admit it’s your new favorite show.
See ya later alligator… oh there we go
Note to self: topic for an episode.

Official Rap Music Video (YEAH, OKAY) - Animal Facts
Official Rap Music Video (YEAH, OKAY) - Animal Facts

Official Rap Music Video - Animal Facts



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