5 Dogs That Can Help You Find Love

Let’s take a look at 5 dogs that can help you find love.

So there you are just walking your dog through the park and you’re approached by an attractive person, offering to take you out for a drink. You accept, connect and the next thing you know, you are in a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Happy woman with her Golden Retriever may have a better chance of finding love than her other dog owning counterparts.A recent study by the UK Kennel Club suggests that this scenario is not all that uncommon, according to the publication Country Living.

In fact, their study found that over one in five dog owners have been asked out on a date while walking their four-legged wingman.

The Kennel Club says dog owners are luckier in love than their counterparts, with many married, in a relationship or positive about finding the one.

So, which breeds are the most likely to help you find true love. Let’s find out.

5. Corgi

Pembroke Welsh CorgiThe Queen of England’s favorite breed starts off our list of those whose owners are most likely to be wooed while walking their dog.

According to the Kennel Club’s study, Corgi owners are described by survey participants as “loyal, reserved and friendly”.

Corgis have larger than life personalities packed into their small bodies. They are mostly cheerful animals, love to play, are trusting and quick to offer affection.

Corgis are extremely happy and attentive dogs, that thrive on being the center of attention and will want to be involved in everything you do, including finding you a soulmate.

Corgis are eager to please and have a lot of energy. Corgis are also thought to have a great sense of humor and will provide you and your new companion with constant entertainment.

The Kennel Club says the varying degree to which dog owners are approached when out on their dog walk could be related to preconceptions about their owner’s personality traits, according to the breed that they own.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden RetriverGolden Retrievers are described as friendly, intelligent and devoted. Their exuberant personalities and beauty help make them an excellent lure for potential mates.

These beautiful golden fuzzballs are true people dogs. Their behavior around strangers and willingness to please make them one of the most popular breeds worldwide.

A Golden is always ready to make a new friend and their owners are usually along for the ride. Go ahead, get out there, your Golden’s got you.

3. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Dogs that can help you find love. The German Shepherd Dog is a loyal but hardworking dog. And, this courageous and smart dog projects an air of confidence.

It’s hard to deny the attractiveness of this dog, plus a well-trained GSD’s ability to easily master no small number of commands provides an endless amount of amazement.

It does take a confident handler to train this intelligent, but sometimes stubborn breed, so maybe the confidence isn’t just because of the dog.

The German Shepherd may not be as quick to make friends as other dogs on this list, but the attractiveness of the breed more than makes up for its conservative approach.

2. Springer Spaniel – Dogs that can help you find love.

Springer Spaniel Dogs that can help you find love. Springer Spaniels are easy to love with their bubbly, friendly personality. A well-socialized Springer thinks everyone is a friend.

This playful, friendly, yet obedient dog has it all. If it’s sweet face doesn’t lure in a suiter, it’s lovable personality, high energy and brains surely will.

Bred to work closely with humans, Springers are highly trainable people-pleasers. They crave company and attract everyone that passes.

When it comes to setting the hooks into a potential new partner, there’s not much better than a Springer, but we have one more.

But, before we move on to number one, which breeds were least likely to make you lucky in love?

Well, according to the study, owners of Border Collies, Jack Russells and Chihuahuas were the least likely to be approached. Not that there’s anything wrong with you or your dog.

Owners of Jack Russells were described as “strong-willed and hard to handle, but friendly”, and owners of Chihuahuas were described as “hard to handle and kooky”.

1. Beagle – Dogs that can help you find love.

Cute Beagle Puppy Dogs that can help you find love. The number one breed that can make you lucky in love and all but guaranteed to attract a mate is the beloved Beagle.

The top words used to describe Beagle owners were “friendly, loyal and fun”. That’s more or less the same words we’d use to describe the Beagle itself.

More than half of Beagle owners surveyed said they’d been approached while on walks with their tiny scenthound.

The Beagle is a friendly, curious and merry little dog. With its cute, pleading expressions, the Beagle is hard not to love. And this loyal companion will love you back, especially if you have treats.

Beagles are loving and lovable, happy, and companionable—all qualities that make them excellent family dogs as well as, at least in this case, skilled pickup artists.

Dogs that can help you find love.

Have you ever been asked out while on a walk with your dog? If so, tell us all about it in the description. We love a good happy ending.

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