7 Awesome Reasons to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs

What are the reasons to date a woman who loves dogs? We’ve all heard the same ol’ tried and true axiom “A dog is a man’s best friend.” But, a woman’s love for her dog will change her. If your WCW loves dogs, embrace it. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

A dog has a knack for teaching a woman a lot of things about life and herself that she couldn’t have learned on her own.

We give you 7 Reason to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs.

7. Her Dog Makes Her Happier

7 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs - Animal FactsThere’s a bit of science on our side on this fact. Notably, having a dog has been shown by no less than a few studies to help battle depression, relieve stress, and provide emotional support, as well as promoting overall well-being and an increased activity level.

Dating a happy woman is simpler. Happy people are more willing to give of themselves and to embrace new experiences.

And, being around a dog is going to make small moments just a bit happier. You can share these little happy moments with your girl, who will be soaking up every second of pure doggie happiness.

6. A woman who loves dogs is more responsible.

7 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs - Animal FactsOwning a dog is no small amount of responsibility. So, if you’re looking for a responsible lady, look no further.

Some of her responsibilities are taking her pooch to the vet, making sure he is well-fed, groomed, taken out to potty as needed. And, a lot of poop.

If you get sick, your stomach flu won’t scare her away; she’ll be right next to you to help you through it. She’s seen it all.

5. A woman who loves dogs tends to be more thoughtful.

If you know a true dog lover, you know that she will go out of her way to find the perfect gift or even a snack for her canine companion. She just can’t resist buying it.

She studies which foods her dog enjoys. And, she watches for any signs that he’s not enjoying his meals. And she’ll get her pooch what makes him happy and healthy.

Speaking of being thoughtful. Shopping for her will be a breeze. You can always find a card with a dog on it. It’ll make her day. Or you can buy something for her dog. You can not go wrong here.

4. A woman who loves dogs is fiercely loyal.

7 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs - Animal FactsThe unconditional love from a dog is unlike any other.

Dog lovers, just like their doggy companions are extremely loyal. Yes, guys, it’s true that sometimes she’ll put her dogs first. OK, she always put her dogs first.

But, she’s learned that sometimes challenges arise with those you love, and a dog lover knows can she stick it out and she is more assured that those she loves will stay the course with her.

If you treat her right, she’ll share some of that loving loyalty with you. I think I mentioned earlier that there may be food involved. Can’t go wrong there.

3. A woman who loves dogs is great at sharing.

Living with a dog is a crash course in sharing. Women that love dogs share their food, share their beds, share the comfy spot on the couch… if her furbaby wants it, he gets it.

They won’t mind sharing with you, especially if you can master sad puppy-dog eyes. She’ll expect little in return other than the display of happiness and loyalty.

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2. A woman who loves dogs won’t run away from commitment.

7 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs - Animal FactsPlain and simple, commitment is sharing your life with another for the entirety of their life. Having a dog is sometimes inconvenient, sometimes frustrating, but for the dog lover, it’s a lifelong commitment to love and provide for another being.

Many say that commitment is in short supply nowadays, but it’s abundant in those that give it freely to our four-legged best friends. If she loves her dog, she’s shown commitment.

What reasons to date a woman that loves dogs could you add to this list? We’d all love to hear from you in the comments below.

1. A woman who loves dogs has a big heart.

7 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Loves Dogs - Animal FactsWhat do all people that have ever fallen in love with a dog have? Big hearts. Because she might have bought her fur baby, she might have rescued him, but no matter how he came into her life, her heart has grown from his presence.

If you play your cards right, you just might get the girl and a house full of dogs.

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