Exotic Shorthair Cats 101- Animal Facts

Exotic Shorthair Cats 101

Love the Persian’s sweet, docile personality, but maybe not so in love with all the fur? The endearing Exotic is a peaceful, easygoing companion who will be content to quietly follow you around and sit in your lap for petting whenever you give him the chance.

A Persian in a Petticoat is a common phrase used to describe the Exotic Shorthair, as well as the “Lazy Man’s Persian.”

He’s a relatively new breed, but in that short time, his adorable face and charming demeanor have brought him into the hearts and homes of many a cat lover. Let’s get to know this friendly, flat-faced feline.

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Bengal Cats 101 Facts and Information - Animal Facts

Bengal Cats 101 Facts and Information – Animal Facts

He’s King of the Jungle or at least the living room. The Bengal is a domestic cat breed developed to look like an exotic jungle cat such as a leopard, an ocelot, or a margay. He is an athletic, agile, and graceful kitty with a strong, muscular body, befitting a cat who looks as if he belongs in the jungle. The Bengal could never be called delicate.

But. with his distinctive spotted coat and large size, the Bengal may look like a wild cat and although one of his ancestors is the small, Asian leopard, he’s a domestic cat through and through. Let’s get to know this fascinating cat breed.

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Top 10 Black Cat Facts and Myths - Cats 101 - Animal Facts

Top 10 Black Cat Facts and Myths – Cats 101 – Animal Facts

No feline is more maligned than the black cat. The black cat along with pumpkins, bats and witches and spiders … yes and spiders … has become a staple of Halloween imagery.

While black cats are typically associated with Halloween, witchcraft and bad luck, and the #1 Halloween costume choice for both children and women in their freshman year of college… oddly enough… there’s much more to these dark-colored fur balls that you probably didn’t know. [I thought I taw a puddy tat] Let’s take a look at our shadowy feline friends.

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Crazy Cat Lady

10 Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Parent – Yes, You’re Cray Cray

If you’re on YouTube looking at cat videos chances are good that you are a crazy cat parent. Oh, what are we saying? It’s common knowledge that the Internet exists primarily for cat videos. But just in case you’re not quite sure, here’s a little test. If any five of these describe you, we are positive that you are cray cray for kitty cats. But that’s ok with us, we’re crazy too.

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Large Maine Coon Cat Facts Cats 101 #mainecoon

Large Maine Coon Cat Facts Cats 101 #mainecoon

Known as the gentle giants of the cat world, he’s fluffy and he’s Yuuuuge. But, he’s also sweet tempered and said to be the most dog-like of all the domestic cat breeds. This plus-size cat, adorned with a beautiful neck ruff, tufted feet that resemble snowshoes and a big, bushy tail is likely the oldest cat breed native to America. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we look at 10 Fun Facts about the big, friendly feline, the Maine Coon.

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