Miniature Schnauzer Dogs 101

Miniature Schnauzer Dogs 101 – What you Need to Know

Terriers can be generally described as rough and tumble, adventurous, and lively, but there is always at least one exception to every rule, and in this edition of Animal Facts, we’re going to shine the spotlight on one that shows that there’s two sides to every coin.

Depending on the situation, this pup can be tough like an officer, or suave like a gentleman. Join us as we take a closer look at the small dog with the big personality and one sweet ’stache—the Miniature Schnauzer.

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Your Top 10 Velcro Dog Breeds - Dogs That Won't Leave Your Side

Velcro Dog Breeds – Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

Velcro Dog Breeds – Virtually all dogs are loyal compadres ‘til the bitter end, but some dogs go beyond loyal and veer into the realm of the sticky. In our first “Velcro Dogs” video, we featured OUR picks for the top 10 Velcro dogs, but some viewers thought the list was ummm somewhat incomplete. So, here are the 10 breeds YOU said were the most Velcro Dog Breeds… featuring some of your comments.

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Difficult Dog Breeds - High Prey Drive

Difficult Dog Breeds – High Prey Drive

Difficult Dog Breeds – High Prey Drive. Some dogs love to run, others like to retrieve, and some can’t stop themselves from chasing anything that moves! These dogs likely have high prey drives, which is a strong instinct to hunt. This can sometimes lead to a difficult living situation if you have cats or other small animals, so let’s see which breeds have the highest prey drives.

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