Parvovirus In Dogs and Puppies - Parvo

Parvovirus In Dogs and Puppies – Parvo

Canine Parvovirus is the last thing you want to hear about your puppy. It can be a battle for your pup’s life that can take months of recovery.

The canine parvovirus CPV2 infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs and is often fatal if left untreated. It’s a horrible virus that can be prevented. Commonly called Parvo, there is no cure, but as we’ll find out not all is bleak.

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Difficult To Potty Train Dog Breeds and Housebreaking Tips

Hardest Dogs to Potty Train + Potty Training Tips

Potty training is likely on the top of your to-do list when getting a new puppy. It’s a necessity if the dog is going to live indoors with your family. But, some dog breeds don’t make it such an easy task.Training a dog can be difficult for anyone, especially first-time dog owners. Some breeds are certainly more difficult than others. Let’s see which 10 breeds of puppies just might turn your living room floor into a swamp and I’ll provide some tips along the way.

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Top 10 Small Guard Dog Breeds Watchdogs TonTenz - Animal Facts

Top 10 Small Watch Dogs – Little Guard Dogs

“Small guard dogs? You’ve got to be kidding me?” I hear you yelling through the screen. While they do lack the size to actually do anything about an intruder; it’s not like a Chihuahua is going to tackle a stranger in your living room, these breeds can warn you of danger and in some cases, because of a big dog bark, can even deter potential home invaders from entering. At least in their own minds, these small dogs are huge and in charge.

If you’re searching for a small dog that can not only keep you company but keep unexpected guest from entering your apartment or tiny home, you might consider one of these “vicious” breeds.

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