Check Out Bullymake Box: Great for Dogs Who Love to Chew!

Do you have a dog that loves to chew? Does your dog destroy every toy you bring home within days or even minutes?

I did. My German Shepherd and Pitbull absolutely destroyed toys before I found out about Bullymake.

Bullymake - A subscription Box for Power ChewersBullymake Box is the box all chewer dogs have been waiting for. If your beloved bestie is an avid chewer and makes it their personal mission to shred their toys, the Bullymake Box has special toys just for them.

Every month, I receive a package from Bullymake. A package that my dogs have learned to recognize when I walk in the door with it. They get absolutely excited, as I open the box to reveal what’s inside to them.

Their themed boxes come with indestructible toys that my heavy chewer dogs absolutely love!  Plus, Bullymake also sends along healthy treats with each box, also themed.

Subscription box services aren’t exactly a new thing, but this specific one is one of the best on the market today! Hands down.

Each box they send out monthly is curated according to a certain theme. For example, October’s box is Halloween themed (my German Shepherd especially loved the zombie head), November’s box is Thanksgiving-themed and December’s is Christmas-themed! This means that the toys inside play up to the festive season each month, making everything a lot more fun — especially for dog owners!

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5 Reasons to Consider Bullymake Dog Subscription Box!

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to get this monthly subscription box, here are five reasons to convince you!

  • Shipping is free for all the United States territory.
  • All toys and treats are made and manufactured in the United States. This means that they are free from FDA-prohibited chemicals and are ethically produced.
  • If your dog has some sort of allergy, Bullymake will customize their box to fit their needs! Right now, Bullymake produces treats upon request that are suitable for dogs with beef, grain, and chicken allergies. If your dog has other more sensitive allergies, you can select the option to only receive boxes with toys in the mail.
  • Bullymake Box has different shipping options upon your request. If you don’t want to receive one box a month, you can commit to getting one every two or three months. Yay, flexibility!
  • The Bullymake Box toys really are amazing and long-lasting. The company has a 2-week return policy. If your dog manages to chew through their toys within the first two weeks of getting them, the company will send you another one for free! Talk about commitment.


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