Chiweenie Dogs 101 – Mexican Hotdog

by Victoria Davis

The are known for being small, but mighty! And, although the Mexican Hot is known for being a wee “designer dog”, you could never convince it of that! This pup believes it is 10 feet tall, and its personality reflects that entirely. Courageous, smart and loving- these pups are mighty indeed.

The Chiweenie has a very recent history as compared to other “designer crossbreed” canines.

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixThe first mix of this breed was completed in the 1990s; a cross between the Mexican Chihuahua and the German Daschund. The goal with this mix, as with most designer breeds, was to create a pup with the best qualities from each of the two parent breeds. This type of dog is highly desired due to its small size, low maintenance fur, and friendly personality.

These little guys sure did inherit the best of both breeds! The is the smallest dog breed in existence. Hailing from the Mexican state of the same name, their lineage dates back to ancient pre-Columbian times. Remains have been discovered that suggests the Chihuahua breed dates back to before 300 B.C.

Chihuahua’s can be highly entertaining and comical, but it is not ALL fun and games with this breed. Their temperament ranges from calm and sweet to wiley and territorial.

The was bred in Germany to hunt burrowing prey and loves to follow its nose for small prey such as rabbits, squirrels, and . Clever and stubborn, yet alert and expressive, the Dachshund is ridiculously cute. Known for its “wiener-shaped body” and precious tiny legs.

Their personalities, like the Chihuahua, varies from pup to pup. Some are independent and defensive, while others are playful lovers. The mix of these two breeds makes the perfect designer dog and there’s no wonder that the Chiweenie is fastly becoming one of America’s most popular mixed breeds.

Now that we know the history of Chiweenie Dogs, let’s dig a little deeper and really get to know “The Mexican Hot Dog pupper”!

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixThe Chiweenies appearance might be small and can look fragile, but you couldn’t tell it to these guys! Full of spunk and loads of intelligence, the Chiweenie makes a great family pet and a great entertainer.

They are fantastic lap dogs, great with children and tend to be incredibly affectionate. With that being said, your Chiweenie will most likely require LOTS of your attention. These guys are prone to jealousy and can be a little stubborn when it comes to training. This is why it is best to give your little one as much attention as you can. Especially in their younger years when training is usually easier and preferred.

The Chiweenie’s activity level is low to moderate. Exercise for your Chiweenie, while still a necessity as with all other breeds, it is not as important for this wee breed. The Chiweenie does great with a 30-minute daily work or just a romp in an enclosed back yard or space in order to stretch his or her legs.

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixDue to this breed’s smaller size, they do great in small apartments or large homes. While the Chiweenie is a great family pet, their tendency to be jealous pups does make having other pets in the house slightly more difficult, but it is not impossible. You will find it much easier to socialize your Chiweenie with other dogs his or her size and similar to their breed.

The “German Taco” can be quite the “yapper”. Especially, if they are feeling jealous. You will easily be able to tell if he or she is needing more attention and cuddles.

They vocalize their needs with lots of “borks” as proof. This is not to say ALL Chiweenies are noisy. As with just about any pup, it depends on their personality and environment. They can be quite the barker or they can be little more quiet and tame, depending on the company they keep and their perception of the world that surrounds them.

Due to their widely varying personality traits, the Chiweenie can be difficult to train.

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixHowever, you will find them quite trainable once you make it through their stubborn side. Just give them a little time, energy and loads of patience.

Their personality does not share much in common with their hunting ancestor, the Dachshund. These little pups are much more like the Chihuahua when it comes to their temperament. They are loyal to a fault and more times than not, they tend to bond with one member of a family household.

They will be most loyal to “the chosen one” throughout their days. Easy going and happy, the Chiweenie is a perfect dog for small families or even a family of one.

The Chiweenie has the long body and“” legs of a Dachshund. Their ears can vary, either being the classic long, floppy ears as their German ancestor or the sharp, pointy ears that we see on Chihuahuas.

Colors can vary for this doggo. The variety of colors known for the Chiweenie ranges from Black, Blonde, Tan, Brown or even white. Solid or a mix of these colors is common for this breed.

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixCoats tend to be short to medium and glossy, however, some can have a more “wiry” fur texture. Due to the variety of their coats, they are not always hypoallergenic.

Although, these guys barely shed at all due to the length of their coats. Your Chiweenie, like most other pets, will require regular bathing, despite its overall low maintenance coat.

This energetic mix breed will require lots of attention when it comes to his or her ears. They are prone to ear infections. Keep your little one’s ears nice and clean, but also be mindful to not allow a lot of water in those pointy or floppy ears!

Floppy ears do have the most risk of infection, so be vigilant about those ears and keep them clean and dry. In addition to ear infections, the Chiweenie is also quite susceptible to knee and back problems. This is due to their shorter stature and small legs. This is why it is best to not over exercise your Chiweenie.

This breed is also known for being quite the digger. Which also makes it very important to keep those claws nice and manicured. In addition to the aforementioned health concerns, proper dental maintenance is a must for Chiweenies. They can be very prone to dental deterioration without proper teeth
cleaning. Brush those chompers, guys!

What is a Chiweenie life expectancy?

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixWith the proper care and attention, their lifespans are relatively long. 12 to 16 loving and fun years await you with your pup! 

While not AKC recognized to date, that does not mean the appearance of the Chiweenie is lacking. This is due to the fact that they are not purebreds.

Although, they have found recognition from The Designer Dog Kennel Club, The Dog Registry of America, American Canine Hybrid Club, and The Designer Canine Registry.

Standing 7 to 9 inches tall average and weighing in at 5 to 10 pounds average, these guys are anything but lacking. Which is a perfect balance between their two parent breed’s average sizes. The Chiweenie’s head is typically small and dome-shaped, like the Chihuahua.

Although their snouts are usually elongated like the Daschund, their feet are quite small as well, which is seen in both of their parent breeds. No matter what parent breed this little guy takes after, you can bet they will be adorably cute!

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixWhen it comes to the nutrition of your Chiweenie, they tend to become bored with the same daily, mundane diet. It is important to discuss with your veterinarian and tailor make their diet to fit their personal needs. Since they are , they do not require a lot of food.

However, you will find that a variation in vet approved foods will be best for their breed.

Both of the ancestor breeds are known for loving to eat! This makes them at risk for being obese, which can introduce a world of neighboring health problems. This means, be sure that you are not overfeeding your little one and keep an eye on that treat count! We know they are too cute and deserve those extra little goodies! Try to refrain from the cuteness and watch his or her diet closely. The Chiweenie requires lots of fresh water and due to their small size, it is recommended that you also have a water supply with you during exercise times.

Chiweenie Dogs 101 - Chihuahua Dachshund MixI know, you may be saying to yourself, “Is a Chiweenie right for me?” The answer to this really depends on the amount of attention you have to spare for a pup. Chiweenie’s are characters with a personality all of their own. They are not perfect and since they tend to be stubborn, many of these guys are found in shelters. So, ask yourself…. Are you willing to become a forever friend? Chiweenie’s find themselves very attached to their owners, so it would break their hearts to be abandoned, so be ready to take on this breed entirely if you decide to home Chiweenie Dogs. If you are willing to give this pup what he or she requires, it will be a match made in heaven!


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