Coolest Dog Breeds in the World – 10 Amazing Dogs

I love dogs. I guess you do too. Dogs exhibit almost every attribute we’d like to see in ourselves, from being athletic to being loyal. But, which are the Coolest Breeds in the World.

10. German Shepherd

German Shepherd and WomanWithout the , no list of coolest dogs can be considered truly complete. Few dogs match the intelligence and hard-working nature of the German Shepherd. From law enforcement to search and rescue, guide, and therapy, this breed loves to work.

This also means that if you take on a German Shepherd as a home companion, you must give it a job to do. Most of us put that intelligence and work ethic to work learning tricks and commands.

From fetching your slippers to grabbing you a cold one from the fridge, if it doesn’t require thumbs, you will be successful training your German Shepherd to do it. And that, in my opinion, is cool.

Cool Fact: The onscreen heroics of Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd rescued from a bombed-out kennel in France during World War I, catapulted the breed to the top of the popularity charts in the 1920s. People are still writing books about Rin Tin Tin to this day.

9. Border Collie

Border Collie Coolest Dog Breeds in the WorldMuch like the German Shepherd, the Border Collie is smart and industrious. Border Collies have not forgotten their roots of running miles a day herding sheep.

Although not for the lazy, the Border Collie fits right in with the active family. If getting out and playing hard is your thing, the Border Collie rocks that life.

According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, the Border Collie takes the top spot as far as intelligence goes. Most can learn a new command in under five repetitions and follow it at least 95% of the time. So get out your thinking caps and teach your Border Collie some nifty tricks.

8. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain DogThe Bernese Mountain Dog may look large and imposing but make no mistake – this is a true gentle giant. It loves affection and attention, and in return, offers dedication and love unlike anything else.

They are rarely aggressive. Their energy channels nicely into fun playtime and sleepy cuddles, making them perfect for families.

The Bernese performs exceptionally well in obedience training. The Bernese began as a big, versatile farm dog. Unlike some dogs bred to be herding dogs or guardians, the Bernese possesses an adaptive jack-of-all-trades intelligence, so whatever the task you give it, your Bernese will excel.

7. Beagle – Coolest Dog Breeds in the World

BeagleSo far, we’ve talked about intelligent dogs. Yeah, we aren’t doing that here. Don’t get me wrong; the Beagle isn’t stupid by any means, but they tend to be a bit single-minded.

Having a Beagle is like having a fun, energetic child. They are playful and get into everything.

The Beagle offers a gentle, playful nature and is fantastic with children. They’re loving, sweet, and just insanely cute.

Their happy-go-lucky and loyal personality grabs them a lot of cool points.

Cool fact: All purebred Beagles have a white tip on their tails, helping hunters spot them in tall grass and brush.

6. Australian Cattle Dog

The sits outside of the top 50 in AKC’s popularity rankings, but don’t miss out on this intelligent and loyal breed. Alert, curious, and all-around pleasant, the high-energy herders do best when given a job, even if that job is to play hard.

If you lead an active, rugged lifestyle and want a fiercely loyal companion on your adventures, the Blue Heeler is your best friend.

Besides herding work, because yeah you probably don’t have sheep, they do well at canine sports, including agility, obedience, rally, flyball, and flying disc competitions. Those flying leaps to catch frisbees are so cool.

5. Australian Shepherd Dog

Although the loses cool points for not actually being from , it more than makes up for that loss in other ways.

Like the legitly Australian dog above, the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent herding dog, but from the American west. This wild west canine is a loyal family companion with the strong worth ethic of any herding breed.

These high-energy herding breeds most often end up in rescue situations because owners couldn’t (or wouldn’t) constructively channel the dog’s boundless energy through training. Don’t be that person. If you don’t have the energy to keep up with high energy dogs, there are plenty of other companion breeds for you.

4. Boston Terrier – Coolest Dog Breeds in the World

One such breed is the American Gentleman, the . Other than the cool points that the Boston Terrier gets for its permanent tuxedo, it has a few more tricks up its sleeve… or leg fur…

These Tuxedo-dawning doggies make excellent family companions and are gentle, good-natured playmates. They love everyone, strangers, and family alike. And they have a certain charm that rockets them to the higher end of the cool list. They enjoy traveling, and their low-maintenance coat certainly adds to their appeal as a traveling companion.

3. Siberian Husky

You can’t look at a and not think, “That’s a cool dog!” They are. They’re cool. All jokes aside about they being snow dogs… Nah, I wouldn’t go there… well, maybe, but not this time.

Incredibly beautiful and closely resembling wolves, the Husky is prized by those who favor a primal connection with the past. They evolved to be working dogs, so don’t be surprised if your Husky wants to get out and explore.

The graceful Siberian Husky’s almond-shaped eyes can be either brown or blue—and sometimes one of each (which is really cool)—and convey a keen but friendly and even mischievous expression.

2. Golden Retriever

One of the world’s most beloved family pets also took home straight A’s. While the breed originated for hunting, Goldens also enjoy acting like straight-up goofballs.

What’s coolest about Golden’s is the breed’s overall friendly and loyal nature. That makes the Golden one of the most family-friendly pets on the planet. Add their intelligence, and you have one of the most versatile working breeds ever. These exceptionally intuitive dogs excel as assistance dogs, helping differently-abled people worldwide, as guide dogs and of almost every type.

Cool fact:
Goldens are so easy to train that the first three dogs ever to win the AKC’s obedience championship were Golden Retrievers.

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1. – Coolest Dog Breeds in the World

Hey, if you adopt a shelter dog, you automatically gain cool points with us. Not much is cooler than giving a second lease on life to a loving creature who’s fallen on hard times. Props to you.

If you’ve watched Animal Facts for a while, you know I’ve added the Shelter Dog to many lists. I, myself, have three rescue dogs. One happens to be a German Shepherd, so I guess she gets double cool points.

As I alluded to earlier, most dogs find themselves in shelters or abandoned by no fault of their own. They just need a chance to prove how cool they are.

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