Dogs 101: Doberman Pinscher Most Popular Dog Breeds Dobie – Animal Facts

: Most Popular Breeds Dobie – Animal Facts

Intelligent, alert, and tenaciously loyal companions, the Doberman Pinscher is driven, strong, and sometimes stubborn. When properly trained he can be an excellent family dog, although he’s certainly not for novice owners. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we investigate the incredibly versatile and fun-loving Doberman Pinscher. Get ready for 101. Let’s get started. But before we start, take a moment to like and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts.

Doberman Pinscher Dogs 10110. The Doberman is a fairly new dog breed, originating in Germany in the early 1880s. Louis Dobermann was a tax collector, who would sometimes work as a police officer, night guard, and dog catcher. Herr Dobermann often found himself traveling with bags of money through dangerous parts of town at late hours. With his access to the pound, he bred a dog that is lean and muscular, a medium sized dog that is refined but intimidating. The American Kennel Club recognized the Doberman breed in 1908 as a working dog.

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9. Herr Dobermann did not take many notes on his breeding process, so no one is exactly sure what breeds went into making the Doberman. However, some possible dogs believed to be in the mix include the Rottweiler, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, , Beauceron, Great Dane, Black and Tan Terrier, and Greyhound.

8. During World War II, Dobermans served the U.S. Marine Corps in their war dogs program. The dogs were used throughout the South Pacific to lead patrols through the hot dense jungle, to guard troops at night while they slept, and to give warnings of hidden enemy combatants waiting to carry out an ambush. Many of the dogs survived to return home to civilian families, but others made the ultimate sacrifice and are buried in the National War Dog Cemetery at Naval Base Guam.

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Doberman Pinscher Dogs 1017. Dobermans are extremely athletic and intelligent dogs, so no task is out of their league. And that includes the job of a lap dog, even if you’re less enthused about it than he is. Dobies have been used for a variety of jobs and sports including police work, scent tracking, coursing, diving, search and rescue, therapy, and guiding the blind.

6. Dobermans are the fifth smartest breed and easily trained. That intelligence comes at a price to their human friends. Dobermans are known for outsmarting their trainers and getting easily bored. And, Dobermans are famous for ignoring their handlers if they do not want to do what they are being asked.

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5. Dobermans are an A-list breed and are popular among the elite. Celebrities that have called the Doberman Pinscher “friend” include John F. Kennedy, Beatrice Arthur, Bela Lugosi, Victoria Principal, Nicolas Cage and James T. Kirk… I mean William Shatner.

Doberman Pinscher Dogs 1014. Speaking of stars, the Doberman is a Film Star. In the 1972’s a film called, The Doberman Gang was made. It’s a film about “six savage Dobes with a thirst for cold cash that leaves banks bone dry.” two sequels were made of the film.

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3. Doberman dogs have been a part of Drill Teams. The Doberman Drill Team toured the United States for 30 years, performing at football game half-time shows and visiting hospitals. Started by Rosalie Alvarez, the drill team demonstrated the Dobermans’ agility, intelligence, and obedience over a series of challenging obstacles. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America gave Alvarez its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

2. Decades of breeding has made the Doberman gentler. The first Dobermans were bred to be fierce and only the toughest dogs were selected to carry on the breed. Today, however, breeders are selecting a more loving group of dogs. And, despite their larger size, Dobermans prefer living inside the home and want to be involved in what the family is doing. They need lots of exercise. If they are not exercised, they are more likely to become irritable or even aggressive. They can adjust well to apartment living if exercised daily.

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Doberman Pinscher Dogs 1011. Although Dobies have a softer personality today, all dogs are different and a lot of their temperament is dependent on proper training. These dogs can be great with families and children, but only when correctly trained and socialized. Not for novice owners, Dobermans must be treated with respect and never mishandled.

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