English Springer Spaniel – Amazing and Bouncy!

First developed as a gun , the , named for the way he “springs” to flush out prey, has long been a favorite with sportsmen. Still, this lively, beautiful dog also makes a wonderful family companion. He’s highly intelligent, he’s eager to please, and his enthusiasm and sense of humor will undoubtedly steal your heart. Let’s get to know this bouncy breed.

It’s All in the Name “English Springer Spaniel”

English Springer Spaniel Dogs 101 10. Evident from the name, Spaniel-type originated in Spain many centuries ago and probably traveled to other parts of the world by the Romans or via trading ships. Spaniels appeared in Welsh law as early as 300 A.D.

Before guns were invented, the spaniel was used for flushing game and other small animals by springing at them and driving them into the open where they could be caught.

With the invention of firearms in the 17th century, the Spaniel proved to be especially adept at flushing game.

9. Until the early 20th century, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels were one Spaniel breed with two varieties that would appear together in litters. Cockers were the smaller dogs of the litters and were so named because they were used for hunting woodcocks. In 1902, the English Kennel Club officially designated the two types as separate breeds. The AKC first recognized the English Springer Spaniel in 1910.

English Springer Spaniel Dogs 101 8. Though he may not have gone by the name “Springer Spaniel” in the 16th century, there are many paintings of dogs that look very much like the English Springer Spaniel from that time period.

These paintings were likely of dogs called Land Spaniels, which were divided into the Crouching Spaniel and the Springing Spaniel.

They Come in 9 Coat Color Combinations

7. According to the American Kennel Club, English Springer Spaniels come in nine coat color combinations: black and white; black, white and tan; liver and white; liver, white and tan; white and black; white and liver; lemon and white; orange and white; and red and white. Markings can include roan, spotted, and ticked.

English Springer Spaniel Dogs 101 6. Though considered one breed, there exist two distinct varieties of English Springer Spaniels, one bred for working/hunting, called a field dog, and one bred for a show called a bench dog.

The division began sometime in the 1940s. Working Springer Spaniels are bred smaller and more energetic.

Show Springer Spaniels are larger, with longer ears and fur for a bolder and more eye-catching appearance. It’s rare for a modern English Springer Spaniel to excel in both hunting and show. There hasn’t been one that was the champion in both since 1938.

Both considered equally great pets, the field dog requires less maintenance. As a breed, English Springer Spaniels have won the third Best in Show awards at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. With 6 titles, they fall behind the and the Wire Fox Terrier.

5. William Wallace was the Scottish army commander during the First War of Scottish Independence back in the late 13th century. Wallace apparently had a pet spaniel named Merlin that rode into the Battle of Stirling Bridge with the commander in 1297.

Although it would have been too early to classify Merlin as an English Springer Spaniel, Wallace almost certainly owned a spaniel that would be developed into the English Springer Spaniel. In the modern-day, both Presidents Bush owned Springer Spaniels as well as Oprah Winfrey and Princess Grace.

English Springer Spaniels Don’t Like Loneliness.

English Springer Spaniel Dogs 101 4. The English Springer Spaniel remains brilliant and extremely active. Prepare to increase your activity level and spend upwards of 2 hours daily exercising your spaniel. Boredom can lead to destructiveness.

This breed does not enjoy a sedentary or solitary lifestyle. He is at his happiest when working with his owner.

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3. The English Springer Spaniels LOVE water. He enjoys a trip to a beach or lake. He is a little obsessed with it and enjoys getting into puddles and water bowls just as much. Prepared for mud and water tracked throughout the house and for lots of doggy baths! This is not a dainty breed, nor one for overly proud housekeepers.

2. Any springer spaniel owner will tell you that their dogs are smart, and the facts bear this out. The English springer spaniel ranks 13 overall in the list of canine breeds by intelligence. It is certainly fair to say that Springer Spaniels are smart, good at problem-solving, and keen to work hard!

English Springer Spaniel Dogs 101 1. The talented English Springer Spaniel has one of the best senses of smell of all dog breeds. Because of this, they’ve found steady employment in the modern era as detection dogs operating under countless police and military forces.

English Springer Spaniels have been used to sniff out things like bombs, drugs, counterfeit cash, dead bodies, and more.

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