I Love the Gentle Leader Head Collar

One of the hardest things to deal with is a dog that pulls on leash. It certainly makes a walk a bit less than enjoyable. This was certainly the case with the two-year old German Shepherd we rescued not too long ago.

Dogs, especially larger ones, can easily pull you around, especially when they lunge. There are a few products on the market to help mitigate this issue. But, the one I’ve found most effective is the Pet Safe Gentle Leader Headcollar.

Being in the animal industry, I do have quite a few conversations with trainers and people in the know about animal behavior. And, of course, they recommended this leader for my dogs.

It gently and safely controls unwanted behaviors like excessive leash pulling, lunging and jumping. It’s never been easier to get my dog under control.

When I’m ready to take her out, I just slide the nose loop over her nose and snap a clip behind her head. Easy peazy. Much easier than strapping a traditional harness on her. It’s easy to adjust for the perfect fit as well.

Your dog may paw at it at first until they get used to it, but after the initial “break-in” that goes away and you’re left with a dog that you can more easily control, on your walks. And life is good.