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Chinstrap penguins(Pygoscelis antarcticus) are one of the most easily identified types of penguins. Their name derives from the narrow black band under their heads which makes it appear as if they are wearing black helmets, hence a chinstrap. Now, who wears a helmet with a tuxedo? Oh yeah, 12 -13 million chinstrap penguins. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Please take a moment to like and subscribe. Let’s get started.

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Interesting Chinstrap Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antartic10. Chinstrap Penguins are medium-sized penguins at about 28 inches tall or about as tall as a year old kid. They are easily recognized by their white face and the fine black line across the cheeks. The demarcation between the black and white lies above the eye, isolating the dark eye in the white plumage. The bill is black. In contrast to most other penguins, juvenile Chinstraps closely resemble their parents. Until their first molt, juveniles can be recognized by dark spotting around the eyes and a slightly shorter bill.

9. Chinstrap Penguins are also known as the Ringed Penguin, Bearded Penguin, and Stonecracker Penguin. There’s more on this later.

Interesting Chinstrap Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antartic8. Chinstrap penguins live on large icebergs in the open ocean and on the frigid barren islands of the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions. They leave their breeding colonies during winter, migrating north of the pack-ice and stay at sea until the next spring.

7. They are the most plentiful penguins in the world and are known to congregate together in their millions on small Antarctic islands. It is estimated there are 12 to 13 million Chinstrap penguins. In contrast with the current global trend of biodiversity loss, this chinstrap’s numbers actually appear to be increasing, while its range is also expanding. The reason for its success is not completely understood

6. Chinstrap penguins are carnivorous birds and catch numerous species of fish, crabs, shrimp, squid and krill with their strong beaks. Parents hunt for food in the ocean to take back to their chicks on the land. They are excellent swimmers and divers and can dive to depths of 230 feet. These penguins can swim at the speed of 20mph.

Interesting Chinstrap Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antartic5. Fishing trips take the adults around 20-30 kilometers from the colony, though distances of well over 200 kilometers have been recorded. The young remain on the nest, looked after in turns by each parent until they are large enough to maintain their own body temperature and can wander around freely. At this point they form a “creche” with other chinstrap penguin chicks, huddling together for protection against the worst of the weather and predators. It also leaves both parents free to go fishing so increasing the food supply for the rapidly growing chicks.

4. Chinstraps can reach depths of 230 ft, but most dives are less than 148 ft. Most dives last between 20-30 seconds.

3. Due to the fact that there are few large animals inhabiting the frozen South Pole, the chinstrap penguin has few natural predators. Leopard seals, killer whales, and the occasional passing shark are the main predators of the chinstrap penguin.

Interesting Chinstrap Penguin Facts for Kids Penguins 101 #penguins #Antartic
Antarctica Penguins Chinstrap Penguin

2. Chinstrap penguins are one of three species of “brush-tail” penguins along with the Adelie and gentoo penguins. Members of this genus, Pygoscelis, have short, wedge-shaped tails, with 14-18 stiff tail feathers. They are known to rock back on their heel and prop themselves up on land utilizing their tail feathers.

1. Chinstrap Penguins are one of the boldest and most aggressive species of penguin. And, while Chinstrap Penguins look dignified and gentleman-like, their exceptionally loud cries have earned them the nickname “Stonecracker” penguins.

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