Little Blue Penguins – The World’s Smallest Penguin

Little Blue Penguin Facts for Kids Fairy Penguins Penguins 101 #penguins #Australia #NewZealandAlso known as Fairy , blue penguins, and little blue penguins, this species is the smallest of all penguins; a fully developed adult can weigh only 2.6 lb. They have a fragile and delicate appearance highlighted by a bluish color unique among all species of penguins. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts, today we discuss the super cute, . If you love animals, click that subscribe button and Let’s Get Started.

10. Little penguins are only found in southern Australia and New Zealand. In Australia little penguin colonies are scattered around the coastline from near Perth on the west coast, to Sydney on the east coast, and around Tasmania. Phillip Island has only one remaining little penguin colony, part of which can be seen at the Penguin Parade which offers up-close views of little penguins.

Little Blue Penguin Facts for Kids Fairy Penguins Penguins 101 #penguins #Australia #NewZealand9. Little blue penguins are mainly nocturnal as they perform most of their activity during the night creating small groups of about ten members or less. They are not migratory and stay close to their colonies most of the time.

8. Unlike larger species, they can dive only to a depth of 230 feet for approximately 35 seconds, but usually, they do it in depths ranging from 59 to 102 ft.

7. They can get used to human presence and stop fearing them, especially when they are in captivity or when sharing territory with tourists.

6. They love small fish, especially sardines, and anchovies, but they can also hunt squid, krill, and small octopus. From the seafloor, little penguins may eat crab larvae, sea horses, and crustaceans. However, the kind of prey may change to adapt to the availability of food in their habitat. Like most penguins, they swallow their food whole.

Little Blue Penguin Facts for Kids Fairy Penguins Penguins 101 #penguins #Australia #NewZealand5. Little penguins spend their days out at sea hunting for food in the shallow waters close to the shore. They can often be seen congregating in groups, referred to as ‘rafts’.

4. Little blue penguins are monogamous most of the time, and they are strongly attached to their partners, although still there are a few cases of “divorce”.

3. Little penguins face predators at sea such as sharks, seals (Lion, Leopard, and Fur), Killer whales, and predators on land such as Sea Eagles and large Gulls. Man-made hazards include oil spills, plastic, road kills, gill net fishing and loss of breeding habitats.

Little Blue Penguin Facts for Kids Fairy Penguins Penguins 101 #penguins #Australia #NewZealand2. Little penguins molt between February and April staying ashore for approximately 17 days. Like most , Penguins molt to replace their old and worn feathers. They do this so they can maintain a waterproof plumage. Without waterproof feathers, they would lose lots of heat and eventually die of hypothermia. They cannot eat during molt as they are not waterproof and so can’t go out to sea to fish. Instead, they almost double their body weight beforehand.

1. While not officially endangered, Human impacts such as introduced predators, overexploitation of marine ecosystems, oil spills, marine pollution, and climate change can threaten little penguins and their ecosystems. The more we know about little penguins, the more we can do to protect them.

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Little Blue Penguins
Little Blue Penguin Facts for Kids Fairy Penguins Penguins 101 #penguins #Australia #NewZealand

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