Rat Terrier Dogs 101- Animal Facts

Rat Terrier Dog Breed Facts

The Rat Terrier is a relatively new breed but during his short history, the Rat Terrier has proven himself to be a versatile, multipurpose dog with a playful, happy-go-lucky attitude. He is an all-in-one dog — able to do virtually anything. And he is a loyal friend and family companion.

He is athletic and agile, loves to play, and has a special passion for chasing balls. There is far more to know about the Rat Terrier than his endearing Rattie ears! Let’s get to know him.

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Border Terriers Dogs 101 (Starring Maisy the Border Terrier) - Animal Facts

Border Terrier – Perhaps the Oldest Terrier Breed in England

Meet Maisy. Maisy is a Border Terrier. For most of her breed’s existence, the Border Terrier has been unknown, and her people prefer that she stay that way if it means protecting her from the ravages of popularity.

She’s intelligent, loyal, fearless, loving, and determined, and about as aggravating as any dog can be.

The Border Terrier may well be one of the oldest terriers in Great Britain, but for many of you, this may be the first you’ve heard of her. Let’s get to know this spunky little pest.

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Dogs 101 Saint Bernard Interesting - Animal Facts

St. Bernard Dog Breed Facts

Ahh, the Saint Bernard – the mixologist of the Alps. Well, maybe not, but if you remember when Saturday morning cartoons were awesome, you likely think of the brandy barrel when the name Saint Bernard comes up.

The Saint Bernard is a giant, strong, muscular dog and has been a beloved breed of dog for hundreds of years and that is likely to continue well into the future.

Other than his repeated appearances in pop culture, there are plenty of fascinating facts about the lovable Saint Bernard. Let’s get to know him.

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Top 10 Cute Facts About Puppies

10 Puppy Facts You Didn’t Know

How could you not love puppies? We are hard-wired to find these miniature tail waggers irresistible. Their squishy, adorable faces, wet noses and little paws you just want to eat up capture us at a primordial level. But there’s actually a lot more to these downy little cuddle monsters. Why don’t ya tag along as we take a look at these adorable little varmints?

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