Ragdoll Cats 101

Ragdoll Cats 101 – What You Need to Know about Ragdolls

Cats are from Mars and dogs are from Venus. Dogs are generally considered to be loyal, affectionate, and courageous, while cats have a reputation for being independent, standoffish, self-centered and well…catty. But, just like with any other generalization, there are some exceptions.

Join us for this edition of Animal Facts as we shed some light on a cat that just might make you think twice about getting a dog—the Ragdoll.

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Exotic Shorthair Cats 101- Animal Facts

Exotic Shorthair Cats – The Lazy Man’s Persian

Love the Persian’s sweet, docile personality, but maybe not so in love with all the fur? The endearing Exotic is a peaceful, easygoing companion who will be content to quietly follow you around and sit in your lap for petting whenever you give him the chance.

A Persian in a Petticoat is a common phrase used to describe the Exotic Shorthair, as well as the “Lazy Man’s Persian.”

He’s a relatively new breed, but in that short time, his adorable face and charming demeanor have brought him into the hearts and homes of many a cat lover. Let’s get to know this friendly, flat-faced feline.

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