Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever Dog vs Dog Comparison - Animal Facts

Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever Dog vs Dog Comparison

So, you’re looking for a lovable family companion. Retrievers are some of the most popular breeds in and make a good choice. But how do you choose between a Labrador or a Golden? They’re both incredibly similar, sharing intelligence, athleticism, and a goofy personality that dog lovers love!

Let’s find out what these two amazing retriever breeds have in common and their difference and decide which breed might be best for your home.

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Dog Years: Signs of Old Age in Senior Dogs - Animal Facts

Dog Years: Signs of Old Age in Senior Dogs – Animal Facts

We all age. Unfortunately, old age creeps up on your dog at a faster pace than it does you. The signs of old age can be subtle and can be easily missed in the routines of everyday life. But, paying attention to the signs of aging in your dog could help you catch health issues, which can make treatment easier and less expensive–not to mention save your buddy discomfort.

And, as well as with us, early diagnosis and treatment of ailments related to old age can extend the life of your family friend.

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Dogs 101 Saint Bernard Interesting - Animal Facts

Dogs 101 Saint Bernard Interesting – Animal Facts

Ahh, the Saint Bernard – the mixologist of the Alps. Well, maybe not, but if you remember when Saturday morning cartoons were awesome, you likely think of the brandy barrel when the name Saint Bernard comes up.

The Saint Bernard is a giant, strong, muscular dog and has been a beloved breed of dog for hundreds of years and that is likely to continue well into the future.

Other than his repeated appearances in pop culture, there are plenty of fascinating facts about the lovable Saint Bernard. Let’s get to know him.

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Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia in 2017 Dogs 101

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia in 2017 Dogs 101

Dogs have made themselves and essential part of human life. From their early days as utility animals to the more modern role as companion animals, dogs have evolved alongside man, rightfully earning his name of “man’s best friend”. Across Australia alone, the canine population is estimated at 4.8 million, with 52 percent of all dogs being purebred. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Today we look at the Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia.

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Dogs 101: Jack Russell Terrier Parson Russell Most Popular Dog Breeds - Animal Facts

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs 101 Fun Facts Information Parson Russell #jackrussell

He’s bold, he’s lively, he’s energetic, and he’s charming. Of course, we’re talking about the athletic dog with the large personality, the Jack Russell Terrier. Charismatic and affectionate, the Jack Russell makes a great pet, but he can be difficult to manage. His outgoing personality has even outstaged famous actors and gotten him involved in a bit of a civil war. Hi, Welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we look at the dog of constant digging, the Jack Russell.

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Designer Dogs 101: Maltipoo Cutest Designer Dog Mix Facts Maltese Poodle Mix - Animal Facts

Maltipoo Designer Dogs 101 Fun Facts Maltese Poodle Mix #maltipoo

Often called “the cutest dog ever”, the Maltipoo is an affectionate designer dog. A mix of a Poodle and a Maltese, he is friendly and outgoing, believing that everyone he meets is his best friend. People can’t resist his soft coat and spunky attitude. A Maltipoo is a gorgeous dog for anyone who wants a fun and friendly companion. And, he’s great for those living in an apartment or a condo

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Dogs 101: English Bulldogs Facts Information Most Popular Dog Breeds - Animal Facts

English Bulldogs Dogs 101 Facts Information #bulldog #dog

Few breeds are as easily recognized as the Bulldog, with his wrinkled mug, distinctive underbite and Churchillian jowls. Sometimes referred to as the English or British Bulldog, although there are French and American bulldogs as well. If you’re talking about personality and temperament, the Bulldog is just about a perfect, gentle family companion. He loves children and is very easy to train as a family pet. He’s an endless source of amusement, clever and very affectionate. He’s also an attention magnet everywhere he goes. Welcome to Animal Facts, today we discuss the universal mascot, the rollicking family canine, the Bulldog. Let’s get started.

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