Today’s Most Adorable Designer Dog Breeds 2

Not too long ago, we presented to you our list of ten most adorable designer dog breeds. Well, leave a link in the description, in case you missed it.

You guys immediately brought to our attention that we had indeed missed out on some truly adorable hybrid dogs. So, what are we to do? Part 2, of course. Let’s take a look at More of the Most Adorable Designer Dog Breeds.

10 Pitsky

PitskyOK, this one might not be the dog you thought we’d start with. While the Pitsky may not be conventionally attractive, he is adorable in his own way. The Pitsky is a mixture of a Pit Bull and a Husky, and he showcases the strongest traits of each parent.

You’ll see the bright light-colored eyes of the husky, as well as his ears, right alongside the more boxy and sturdier body of the Pit Bull.

He can be an absolute nightmare to train, but he is loyal to the bone. He may not be for everyone, but we think he is cool! What do you think about the Pitsky? Cute or Not? Comment Below.

9. Golden Dox / Golden Wiener

Golden WienerIf you want the perfect family pet that, unlike the Pitsky, tends to be highly trainable, grab yourself a Golden Wiener.

The Golden Dox (as he is called) is a mixture of Golden Retriever and the Dachshund, and he is 100 percent adorable.

You get the long, low body of the mixed with the Golden Retrievers adorable face and beautiful, flowing, long hair. Seriously, we want to hold a Golden Wiener all day and night. Seriously, who wrote this?

As we mentioned in our first video about (linked in the card), the portmanteau naming convention of hybrid breeds does lead to a bit of puerile humor.

8. Cheagle – Adorable Designer Dog Breeds

CheagleImagine a small dog with the floppy ears and markings of a Beagle but the body of a Chihuahua, and you have the Cheagle, one of the cutest pets alive.

The Cheagle is a tiny breed with the thick body of a beagle and the ’s small size. The Cheagle is full of energy, super social, and always ready to play.

If you are looking for a dog with the compact, portable size of a toy breed but the fun-loving and gentle nature of a Beagle, the Cheagle may be just what you are looking for.

7. Jack-a-Poo

Jack-a-PooThe Jack-A-Poo is a mixture of the Miniature Poodle and the Jack Russell Terrier, and the result is one of the cutest animals ever to exist.

Having inherited the high energy levels of the Jack Russell Terrier, he is extremely active. He is a perfect family dog, getting along well with children and older adults, as well as other dogs.

The Jack-A-Poo is a highly energetic, tiny breed that loves to play and get feisty with its owner.

He is smart; he requires a lot of attention, or else you will start finding all sorts of things chewed up around the house. Still, how could you stay mad at this face?


Aussiedoodle Adorable Designer Dog BreedsThe Aussiedoodle looks like an animal pulled right off of a child’s show. This crossbreed is made up of the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle.

You end up with a large dog with the body coloring of an Aussie and the poodle’s curly fur.

The coloring on this dog has to be seen to be believed. He’s truly a unique designer dog.

5. Shichon

ShichonThe Shichon is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu, resulting in combining the best features from both breeds.

The Shichon gives you the small size of the and the Bichon Frise’s friendly disposition. Why choose between two wonderful dog breeds when you can have the best of both in one lovable pup?

The Shichon is a friendly and affectionate little dog that loves to be around family. He is generally good with kids, though you need to be sure that your children know how to properly handle a small dog.

The Shichon dog is lively, and he loves to play, which makes him a great choice for active families. This dog forms a strong bond with his family members, and he tends to get along well with other dogs and even the car.


Cavachon Adorable Designer Dog BreedsThis “designer dog” is the combination of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The result is a sweet-tempered, fuzzy ball of fluff that can make a lovely companion for the right person.

If you’re looking for an aggressive guard dog, this designer combination is definitely not the right choice for you. Rather than being aggressive, Cavachons are quite the opposite. They are gentle, accepting, and tolerant (for the most part). This makes them a good pet option for families with children and households where there are other pets.

Even though Cavachons have quite a bit of hair, they do not shed very much at all. As with several designer dogs, some breeders and owners assert that these dogs are hypoallergenic to some degree and cause less reaction in people who have dander allergies.

3. Horgi – Adorable Designer Dog Breeds

HorgiApparently, the Husky is one of the more popular breeding partners in the world of designer dogs, possibly just short of the Poodle and the Bichon.

The Horgi is a mixture of the Husky and the Corgi, and the result is something straight out of an adorable cartoon.

He is a low bodied, wolf looking breed that mixes the Husky’s coloring with the Corgi’s squat body.

The Horgi is neither as far as a Corgi nor as thin and athletic as a Husky. This breed is super well mannered and very intelligent.


MorkieThe Morkie was developed by breeding a Maltese to a Yorkshire Terrier, arguably two of the purebred dogs’ cutest.

Tiny and adorable, the Morkie is an affectionate crossbreed who loves people and pets. The Morkie is playful and will chase a ball for quite some time.

He will surely keep older children busy playing and then cuddle up in their beds to sleep.

The Morkie attaches to his family quickly. His love for the family can create a problem when he needs to be left alone, as he tends to suffer from separation anxiety.

1. Cavapoo – Adorable Designer Dog Breeds

Cavapoo Adorable Designer Dog BreedsIt would be difficult for a not to be charming. Both of his parent breeds (the and the Miniature or Toy Poodle) are outgoing, loving, and playful, not to mention adorable. The Cavapoo generally weighs 12 to 25 pounds, making him a comfortable size for most homes or your RV.

He is not necessarily the best watchdogs. He is more likely to greet visitors and intruders alike … with a smile and a wagging tail.

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