Top 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

Top 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

The dog is man’s homie and your dog probably loves you more than he loves himself, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up for a bit of naughtiness. When we say “naughty” we aren’t saying he’s a bad dog or that he does anything particularly harmful, but things that make us a bit cross. Luckily for him, he has those puppy dog eyes that get him out of most scoldings. Don’t get us wrong, we love them all, naughty or not. Let’s find out which breeds might find themselves on the other side of Santa’s list.

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10. Beagle

Beagle Dogs 101According to many surveys, the Beagle is one of the naughtiest dog breeds in the world. This wonderful family pet perhaps isn’t the brightest of the canines, but the trouble a Beagle can cause is praiseworthy.

The Beagle is a medium-sized dog but he is full-sized naughty. It is suggested that you should “pet-proof” your home and you should never leave any food, drink or chocolate on the table. If he sees it, he will eat it. He is adorable but his mischief level reaches new heights.

9. English Bulldog

BulldogNot limited to British wit, the English Bulldog can pull a fast one with the best of them. Beware of his sideways glance — it indicates a naughty mind at work.

In particular, he is known to be a notorious thief. If he wants it, he is going to have it and is likely not going to give it back without a chase.

8. Labrador Retriever

Labrador RetrieverAs anyone who has owned a Lab knows, he is a master of mischief during his adolescent years.

The Labrador Retriever may be the most popular dog breed in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada, but he is also one of the most naughty dog breeds. He is great in assistance work, he is great with blind people and he is also great with mischief.

He loves to eat food and non-food items. He loves to run, he loves to swim, well he loves just about everything, especially if it’s naughty. If you’ve seen the movie “Marley and Me”, Marley was a Lab, and it’s not far from the truth. And don’t expect to leave your dinner unattended, it will be attended.

7. Yorkshire Terrier


This tiny terrier is very enthusiastic about his owner and making his owner happy, but he is an effusive canine with great prankster skills.

He might be tiny but he isn’t small in mischief. His small size allows him to enter every small place in the house, where he shouldn’t be in first place. He is enthusiastic and with his great mischievous mind, his mayhem is unstoppable.

6. American Pitbull Terrier

10 Amazing Facts About the American Pit Bull Terriers Dogs 101Despite their sometimes bad reputation of being the wrong kind of naughty, the Pit Bull is very humorous. Always up for a game, you’d better hide your socks and stuffed animals or you’ll find them hidden in your dog’s bed.

He is always active, always up for a game. This is the kind of naughty he is in real life. All he wants to do is have a little fun but sometimes it is called “being Naughty”. He is an agile, super active and athletic dog. He might be naughty but he is also up to police work.

5. Maltese

Smallest Dog Breeds MalteseThis small, silky, white love-a-muffin loves to romp and play hide-and-seek with his owner. He is definitely a jokester at heart.

Other than stealing your heart, your Maltese might take a liking to stealing your underwear and socks. Don’t expect to get them back in one piece. There’s no less than a few happy Maltese fanciers wearing crotchless undies.

4. Pug

george-clooney-pugHis somewhat comical looks reflect his jovial nature. The Pug is a true connoisseur of naughtiness and loves to play more than anything. ANYTHING!

The Pug loves to eat.He quite indiscriminate about what he eats. And, since he is such a people dog, he gets bored easily. What else is a pug to do, but to chew on a shoe or two.

3. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell TerrierLovable and highly trainable, this little terrier’s smarts make him a formidable prankster.

What else can we say about the Jack? He is among the brightest of the bright. Remember Wishbone? But, with a great mind comes great mischief. He is a Jack of All trades when it comes to mayhem and he has the energy to do it all.

2. Bull Terrier

bull terrierThe energetic Bull Terrier can have trouble with obsessive-compulsive disorder but his sense of humor is what one notices most.

Not that he’s not smart, but ease of training is not a trait of the Bull Terrier, quite the contrary. He is like a naughty child and appears to enjoy upsetting his owner, although most owners quickly forgive him. His apology comes in the form of an apologetic and shy smile. It does wonders for an escalated blood pressure!

1. Dachshund

Dachshund Dogs 101 10 Interesting Facts #dachshund #dogThis long wonder is famous for his indiscretions and love of mischief. Dachshunds love to make you laugh, but they are also resourceful and can accomplish amazing feats.

This miniature hound might look a little small but he is naughty beyond imagination. The Dachshund will make you laugh with his insanely mischievous acts and sometimes he will make you angry after they have eaten a new pair of shoes.

He won’t just eat his food in one place, he eats his food everywhere. This little adorable beast is one of the naughtiest dogs on Earth.

This list is merely for fun. These dog breeds aren’t bad dogs. They are all loving, good-natured friends. What they have in common is a deep need for mental stimulation and exercise and lots and lots of loving attention. All dogs do. They are after all man’s best friend.

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