BIG Dogs That Don’t SHED Too Much

Looking for a dog that doesn’t shed, but small dogs just aren’t your thing/ Well, this list is for you. There are some on this list up to a whopping 100 pounds, all with non-shedding coats.

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10. Airedale Terrier

Airedale TerrierThe giant Airedale Terrier has a special double-coat: soft fur underneath but a coarse top coat that requires regular brushing and annual hand-stripping to keep it clean. The Airedale Terrier is the largest of all terrier breeds, often averaging at 45 to 65 lbs, and as tall as 2 feet.

He’s a friendly family pet but is quite active and needs plenty of exercise, so he’s not the best breed for an apartment.

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9. Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier Des FlandresThe Bouvier Des Flandres is big and powerful, sometimes weighing up to 100 pounds, yet he can haul that weight around no problem with his strong legs. Daily exercise is absolutely necessary to keep this big guy content.

With all that dog comes a big thick coat, and you can be sure it requires a lot of brushing and grooming.

He’s known to have a “tough-guy” attitude, but he is truly gentle and affectionate with his loved ones, and is great with children, but wary of strangers and other dogs.

8. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer The Giant Schnauzer was bred to herd and guard but is also an intelligent companion. He is a working dog, and as such, he needs a job or daily activities to keep him content or he can find destructive ways to pass the time.

Like all Schnauzers, he has a big heart and wants to share that affection with his owner. He is keen to please and is very receptive to training.

The Giant Schnauzer requires assertive but patient leadership. Therefore, he isn’t for the novice owner.

7. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water SpanielGuess what the Irish Water Spaniel was bred for? You guessed it – water. More specifically, retrieving birds over bodies of water. So while swimming is his specialty, so is pleasing his family, which makes him a wonderful companion.

Those beautiful thick curls won’t maintain themselves, so daily brushing is required, and you should probably get to know your groomer well.

6. Komondor

KomondorInstantly recognizable for it’s “dreads”, the Komondor looks more like a giant mop with a tongue. This sheepdog looks a lot like a sheep and doesn’t require any brushing—talk about easy grooming!

The Komondor’s coarse white coat is divided into dreadlocks, so there’s nothing to brush, and the cords require infrequent trimming. The downside is that with white fur, the Komondor need to be bathed often and will also take a quite a while to dry.

5. Labradoodle

LabradoodleThis is the only hybrid breed on our list and it’s mostly here because the Labradoodle is one of the more well-established hybrid breeds and has found work in a variety of fields including as an assistance dog.

The Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.

It should be noted that not all Labradoodles are non-shedding. And if non-shedding is truly what you’re after, search for a highly recommended breeder that has carefully bred the Labradoodle for these desirable traits.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water DogHere we go, another dog with Water in his name. But unlike the Irish Water Spaniel, the Portuguese Water Dog wasn’t bred to hunt, but to fish.

He is athletic, intelligent, friendly, and clever. The Portie as he is called by aficionados is a wonderful companion that loves people and other dogs. But more than anything he loves being in the water. By adopting a Portie you sign an unwritten contract that you’ll treat this dog to a lake, river, or pool from time to time. In return, he will show you an endless amount of love and obedience. He’s a great, friendly family pet, and can do well in an apartment, but he’s got plenty of energy, so you’re going to have to get used to brisk daily walks.

3. Saluki

salukiOne of the oldest dog breeds known to man, the Saluki is believed to have existed over 6000 years ago.

He’s not the most affectionate of dogs on this list, but he is friendly and makes a good family pet. He is calm and gentle and prefers a comfortable lifestyle that includes warm blankets.

He has a good amount of energy and oh, did we mention he can run up to 42mph. Might want to get those running shoes on.

2. Black Russian Terrier

black Russian terrier Now if you want a really big dog, you can bring one of these Eurasian working dogs into your home. The Black Russian Terrier learns quickly, can be protective of his family, and needs a lot of attention and exercise. That said, his coarse double coat doesn’t require much maintenance aside from periodic brushing and trimming a few times per year.

1. Standard Poodle

You may not have realized Poodles could come in extra-large, but this curly retriever can please in any size.

Elegant, athletic, hardy, and clever. These are a few of the Standard Poodle’s best qualities.

standard poodle Like smaller Poodles, the Standard Poodle has thick fur which may require professional grooming to manage. Then, regular brushing and bathing should be enough home maintenance to keep a Poodle looking his best. Of course, you could opt for one of the outlandish Poodle haircuts.

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