Check Out These Wiener Dog Ice Cube Molds

Wiener Dog Ice Cube MoldsRegular ice cubes are boring. Once you’ve seen an ice cube, you’ve seen them all. Right?

Why not liven up your drink with Dachshund-shaped ice cubes? That’s right, you can have wiener dog ice cubes in your next beverage.

Not only can they be used to make ice cubes, but also chocolate and cake decoration molds. These ice-cube molds are made of 100% food grade silicon so they are very flexible and dishwasher safe. The possibilities are endless with these brilliant molds.

Nothing says “party” like Dachshunds in the punch bowl.

Wiener Dog Ice CubesSausage dog lovers will adore this cute dachshund ice cube tray! Makes nine canine shapes per batch that are perfect for adding to summertime punches at your next party. Made from pliable silicone material that makes it a breeze to remove cubes.

Get yours while they are “hot”


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